D6- Ecru-Cream

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Front: Dyed embroidered karandi
Back: Dyed karandi
Sleeves: Dyed Embroidered karandi
Pants: Dyed karandi
Dupatta: Embroidered linen jacquard shawl
Embroideries: 1) Silk neckline patti 1
2) Silk neckline patti 2
3) Silk sleeves patti 1
4) Silk sleeves patti 2
5) Silk patches for shirt(10)
6) Silk ghera patti 1
7) Silk ghera patti 2
8) Dyed linen embroidered pallu for shawl
9)Silk patch for shawl pallu (28)
10) Shawl silk patti 1
11) Shawl silk patti 2
12) Shawl silk patti 3(for long sides)
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